Home Improvements that Really Pay Off

Posted on October 30, 2022 at 10:58 am

We know home improvements can be expensive but we have some upgrade ideas most likely to recoup the investment. 

Painting can provide a dramatic effect with little investment. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home and something you can do yourself.

Update your kitchen. This doesn’t need to stretch into thousands of pounds either. If your cabinets are in good condition you may only need to replace the worktop. Maybe you’ve gone off the style or colour, if the cabinet carcass is ok can you just replace the doors/drawer fronts. Maybe you just want a change, could you add/replace splashbacks to update the look. 

Similarly to the kitchen, does the bathroom need a refresh. Do you need to replace the whole thing or could you change fixtures and tiles to give it a whole new look. 

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Designing your new home

Posted on March 28, 2022 at 9:21 am

Designing and updating the inside of your home is of particular importance to your home and its value. It presents an excellent opportunity to maximise space, create spaces suitable for different functions, and create features that make everybody who sees it go “wow”. It also helps you to create the atmosphere you desire within your home.

When you decide upon the style of your home should be part of the decision process. Most modern styles rely upon abundant space and light, so not cluttering, and rooflights play an important role in any contemporary interior design. When designing a Spartan-like design theme for your home, you must focus upon the little details of your home; otherwise, you end up with empty space without any character or appeal. For a more rustic charm, using wood and deep colours is an option for developing your interior design.

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Can I use my solar panels at night?

Posted on March 1, 2022 at 3:33 pm

The answer to this is yes and no! Solar panels do not work at night; however, you can store the energy you have generated throughout the day into the battery pack. This will enable you to continue having power when there is no sunlight.

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into electricity. They need at least a small amount of sunlight to work. Although the moon does provide some light on cloudless nights, this kind of light cannot be used by solar panels.

As you cannot rely on energy from your solar panel at night, you have two options. Store any excess energy generated throughout the day or purchase your electricity from the national grid.

For those who wish to know if there are any solar panel available that work at night, a research team in Mexico have been working on creating a solution. They say they are close, but they will not be available commercially for a while yet.

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Latest UK Real Estate News

Posted on April 26, 2021 at 12:06 pm

Housing prices have been increasing since earlier this year with the government committed to supporting the housing market. The Budget announcement saw two elements of change to help increase housing market activity levels. The first was that the Stamp Duty holiday will be continuing, until June for purchases up to £500,000 and the end of September for those up to £250,000. After this, the thresholds will resume to pre-pandemic levels. This will hopefully continue to provide relief for home buyers, for a bit longer, than the previous March Deadline.

Additionally, the lender guarantee scheme of 95% was brought in to help provide a boost to the mortgage market. This scheme seems very similar to the Help to Buy Mortgage scheme that was used back in 2013 and 2017. Hopefully these two programs, endorsed by the UK government, will help provide the stimulus needed in bringing the housing market back out of the pandemic slump.

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Top 5 Ways to Add Property Value

Posted on April 10, 2021 at 1:24 pm

Home/Property owners are often considering ways in which they could add property value to their home. There are quite a few options out there, but these are the most common 5 ways:

1. Garage Conversion- you can convert your garage into additional living space to raise value by a possible 15%

2. Loft Conversion- turning your loft into extra living space, for a possible 15-20%

3. Splitting a house into flats- in areas where flats are in high demand this is an excellent way to maximise rental income or possibly raise property value by 30%

4. Cellar conversion- upgrading your cellar into extra living or storage space can bump property value by 30%

5. Kitchen Extension- creating a kitchen extension, possibly by a side return may increase value by 15%

All of these options are incredible ways to increase your property value or rental income. Most of these options also typically do not involve planning permissions, dependent on the extent of the work you want done.

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A High-End Finish in your Home

Posted on September 26, 2018 at 7:59 pm

As a home developer or, indeed, a homeowner, you want your property to have a high-end finish. If you live in it, then this finish is your to enjoy, and if you rent out the property, a quality finish will give you better rental income. Here are some factors to consider when making your property as high-end as possible:

  • Natural light is key. Use as much light as you possible can – everything looks better in some beautiful daylight. A modern, flat glass rooflight will never go amiss in a property, so think about installing one that is both beautiful and will add to your home.
  • Beautiful decorating. Choose quality flooring and make sure you use a premium paint or wallpaper on the walls.
  • Log burners. This will always add a premium touch because it is something that not everybody has. A log burner will go such a long way to creating a home with the right ambience.

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How to Deal with Damp in a Home

Posted on September 29, 2017 at 10:11 pm

Whether it’s the home you live in or a home you rent out, it is your responsibility to make sure your property is properly damp-proofed. It can ruin a building if it becomes infested with damp and condensation, as this inevitably leads to mould and other structural problems. Make sure you tackle damp early to get on top of it.

The first thing to do is to make sure you home is well insulated. If you don’t have good insulation in the walls and the loft, get them installed. Put in double glazing or, in a listed building, install additional glass screens inside the windows to keep it warmer.

Make sure the property has adequate ventilation. The condensation that is formed needs somewhere to escape, so the property needs to be well ventilated. Open windows when drying washing, when cooking or when using the bathroom and have a good extractor fan in place.

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The Benefits of Renting Out a Property

Posted on August 30, 2017 at 11:35 pm

A property is a great asset for you and you should look for ways to make the most of it. One of the most beneficial ways to use your property is to rent it out, using it to generate an income and bring in rent on a regular basis. If you own a property outright or you are currently paying off a mortgage, you will be able to rent out the property and bring in a decent amount of money.

Renting out a property is far more beneficial than having an empty property. If it is your home and you are going to be away for a while, or you have perhaps inherited a property, think about renting it to some tenants. You don’t necessarily need to make it a long term rental and you may be able to just rent it out for a few months at a time to see how it goes.

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How Electrically Hinged Glass Rooflights Can Add Value to Your Home

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 2:51 pm

The current global economic crisis has hit many families hard, jobs have been lost, salaries have been cut and as a result, many families have been forced to cut back. So you may be thinking is this the right time to making home improvements? Well surprisingly yes! Although the property has seen a drop in value recent months due to the decrease in demand for property, generally speaking over time property will increase in value. So making a home improvement such as installing a skylight can be a valuable home improvement that can both improve the marketability of your property and save you money too in heating and electricity related costs. (more…)

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Regular Inspections – the Cornerstone of Property Management

Posted on March 13, 2017 at 2:30 pm

If you don’t take regular visits to your rental property, how can you know what needs doing to it? You should ensure you schedule in regular inspections so that you can visit your house or apartment, check it over thoroughly and see whether the tenants are experiencing any issues. As a responsible landlord, never neglect your inspections.

Many landlords will end up being surprised at the state of their properties if they leave it too long before their next visit. This could be due to tenants not looking after it properly, or it could just be the case that appliances and décor deteriorate quicker than expected. You must make sure everything is working correctly to keep your tenants happy – remember it is their home, and it is much easier for you as a landlord to keep your current tenants happy than it is to look for new ones. If you find you need to do any work after an inspection, make sure you do it as quickly as you can.

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