Regular Inspections – the Cornerstone of Property Management

Posted on March 13, 2017 at 2:30 pm

If you don’t take regular visits to your rental property, how can you know what needs doing to it? You should ensure you schedule in regular inspections so that you can visit your house or apartment, check it over thoroughly and see whether the tenants are experiencing any issues. As a responsible landlord, never neglect your inspections.

Many landlords will end up being surprised at the state of their properties if they leave it too long before their next visit. This could be due to tenants not looking after it properly, or it could just be the case that appliances and décor deteriorate quicker than expected. You must make sure everything is working correctly to keep your tenants happy – remember it is their home, and it is much easier for you as a landlord to keep your current tenants happy than it is to look for new ones. If you find you need to do any work after an inspection, make sure you do it as quickly as you can.

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