Key Things to Know About Renter’s Insurance

Posted on August 9, 2020 at 7:20 pm

If you are renting and do not at least have Content Insurance, consider getting it ASAP! As a renter you are not entitled to Home Owners Insurance, so you should ensure you are protected with Renter’s Insurance. This will protect the possessions within your home if they are damaged destroyed or stolen. Some key things to remember are:

• Coverage typically ranges from £5,000-500,000 depending on you needs, but the average amount is around £20,000.

• Renters Insurance also covers liability costs, if someone were to get injured whilst in your home and files a lawsuit or acquire medical bills.

• Content insurance also covers items inside your vehicle.

• It can usually be bundled with other insurance policies.

• It offers protection from landlord negligence.

• Certain valuables may not be covered such as jewelry, artwork, rare books, expensive stereo equipment, shoes etc. So, make sure you look into this, as you may need to add additional coverage for high value items.

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