Paint – Magnolia or white?

Posted on April 29, 2020 at 5:34 pm

Magnolia has always been a popular option for landlords and renters, but in recent years white is becoming a much more popular option.

Generally, landlords use a neutral wall colour as it appeals to a much wider audience range. Overtime magnolia seems to have developed a bit of a stigma for being a dull colour. So which tone should you choose?

White – Brilliant white can come across as quite a harsh tone, so we recommend an off-white colour. Off white tends to make a room look cleaner, bigger and gives the room a more modern look. Off-white does require more upkeep and maintenance.

Magnolia – although some people brand magnolia as dull or old fashioned it still is a very practical colour. It is more sympathetic to scuff marks and takes longer to look tired in comparison to off white.

We think that as long as the finish is a high standard, either magnolia or off-white does the job perfectly.

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