Rooflights for Terraced Houses

Posted on February 27, 2020 at 7:28 pm

There will be a rooflight for most types of home. Terraced houses can certainly make use of a rooflight but the right type is required to make the installation a success. The most common types of rooflight, such as flat glass rooflights and roof pyramids, will need to be installed on flat roofs, which suits many terraced houses that have had an extension built onto the back. If you have a pitched roof it can still be possible to install a rooflight, but the options will just be more limited. You can check the specifications of each rooflight and ask an installation professional if you want to fully understand your options. For light in more awkward spaces, there’s also the option for a suntube. This will channel natural light down into the room, making it feel brighter than it otherwise could, and in a much more natural way than with artificial lighting.

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