Timber Suppliers: Narrowing Down your Choices

Posted on March 30, 2019 at 2:31 pm

Buying in oak timber supplies for a project is a big job and not one that should be taken lightly. There are various grades of timber you can buy, and different types as well, so you need to choose the right kind for your project. It’s always useful to buy timber supplies from a good supplier, who can be there to help and advise, especially if it is your first project of this nature. Once you find a good supplier, they can be a supplier for life, so it’s always worth thinking about it long term.

The first step is finding a timber supplier who can meet your needs with regards to what you want for your project. From there, it will be an easier task to buy timber supplies. Look for an online timber merchant; this way, you won’t have to find timber supplies that are nearby. All good online suppliers will also offer timber delivery, making it easy for you to get hold of your chosen timber. They can also generally offer you lower prices when you shop online, especially if you are buying timber in bulk. If you know you have other projects coming up, and you have enough storage space, then buy as much timber as you can in one go to keep the costs down.

These are some of they main considerations before you buy timber online:

  • What will you be using the timber for? This will dictate the type and grade of timber you need. If you want timber to build a dwelling or outbuilding, it’s usually advisable that you don’t use green timber. This can shrink as it dries out (green timber is freshly cut timber), which can leave you with structural issues if you have built something like a garden office or a gym. Some timber suppliers will supply timber based on the type of project. So if, for example, you are laying solid oak flooring or you need structural beams for a roofing project, they can supply the right type of timber for these.
  • What type of timber do you need? There are various types of timber you can buy – not just oak. These might include larch, cedarwood, redwood, and other hardwood and softwood options. You don’t just have to have oak – consider what other options there are to ensure you are making the right decision.
  • What quantities do you need? You should make sure you choose a supplier that can offer you the quantities of timber you need. It will usually be cheaper to buy in bulk, so if possible, and if you will need more timber in future, buy in this way.
  • Do you need specific sizes? Many timber suppliers will be able to provide custom milled timber, sized to your specifications. Try to find a timber supplier that mills its own timber on site, as this will cost less – they won’t have to outsource the cutting of timber for customers who are looking for custom shapes or sizes.

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